Potion Play Sensory Activity
Making Potions (Our Favorite Sensory Activity)

Potion Making is one of our absolute favorite things to do! There are so many variations of this sensory activity, and I love that I can make it as simple […]

My favorite vet clinics for pretend play. Vet Clinic Dramatic Play Center.
My Favorite Vet Clinics for Pretend Play

Hi! Today I wanted to share my favorite vet clinics for dramatic play! As my daughter has gotten older, I have loved encouraging her pretend play. It’s not her favorite […]

Teaching Reading Comprehension Virtually
Teaching Reading Comprehension Virtually

Hi teacher! If you’re looking for some new ideas for teaching reading comprehension, I wanted to share some tips today! Teaching digitally, virtually, and hybrid is HARD. Teaching reading in […]

My Favorite Digital Resources

I can’t believe we are coming up on almost 2 years of virtual learning. This pandemic has tested us in so many ways, and I wish I could offer more […]

Preschool Center Schedule

Hi! As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter is in an amazing preschool program a few days a week. Recently I was chatting with her teacher, and asked if there was […]

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