Measuring Mania

We have started our measurement unit! Yeah! We start by learning how to measure length with connecting cubes. They did this ALOT in Kinder, so they didn’t need much instruction. We talked about measuring things from end to end, and making sure the cubes touch. But…their Kinder teachers did an amazing job, because they pretty much already knew this! 🙂 Then we went right into measuring! I made a simple little recording sheet for them to measure objects around our room. (Shoe, Marker, Book, Backpack, Scissors, Glue, and a Friend.)




Nothing makes me happier than my littles being spread out all over the room, learning together and enjoying themselves! After that, we put our answers on a bar graph. I only had them record 3 things, because our graph only went up to 20.I didn’t feel good about giving them a graph that skip counted, so this is what we did. 🙂





THEN we got together and put all of our results on a chart. I didn’t worry about the order or anything…they just wrote their answers on a post it.

After that, we worked together to put them in order from least to greatest. This was super good practice, and a great assessment. I was amazed at how many of them remembered exactly how to do it. It was good practice too, to talk about how to order things when some of them are the same number.

I put both of the recording sheets in a PDF, and pictures for your chart. You can grab that here!
And finally…I have always worn a crown during Guided Reading. One of my babies broke it on accident…totally not a big deal and I kept telling her that! Silly girl! BUT, today during Indoor Recess she made me a crown! Hahah! And she put this on the inside

That says no come over…they know if I am with a small group and have my crown on, they have to solve any problems on their own. So funny! 🙂 Have a great day! Yeah for Monday off!!!


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