Constellations and Comprehension

We have had such a super fun week! Here are some of the activities. 🙂
We have been studying all about stars and constellations. To wrap up, we made our own constellations. Last year, we wrote legends to go along with them, but we didn’t have time for that…boo! Aren’t they so cute, though?!






That one is Pak-Man if you weren’t sure, haha! 🙂 We also read one of the Old Lady books…of course! It wouldn’t be almost a holiday if we didn’t read one! We read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose. Click the picture to order it!

To practice sequencing, we made this fun little craftivity! I drew the old lady first, and then they got to draw it. They all did so good! After that, they put everything she swallowed on their pre-cut circles, and put them in order. I helped them glue so you could still see the words.




And here they are together on one of our boards. My littles were so excited, they wanted to be in the picture! 🙂

We also did this ADORABLE Splat the Cat craft. I can say it’s adorable, because it totally wasn’t my idea. 🙂 I saw it on Cupcake for the Teacher, who saw it on Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemon’s, haha. If you don’t already frequent those blogs, you SHOULD. Amazing!

We made our cute little cats, and then wrote what it means to love someone.



AND finally…a non Valentine’s writing activity. 🙂 We actually did this a few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to post about it. I feel like there are 2 things my littles like to write about during Writer’s Workshop. The girls write about their friends or their puppy, and the boys write about robots or zombies eating other robots or zombies. Hahah. I have done like 10 mini lessons about what we can write about, different things we can write, etc. etc. To get their brains focused on something different, I gave them all these circle maps and they had to write things about the picture. They actually loved it. I let them choose their picture, and then they got creative.




Have so much fun tomorrow loving on your littles, and then all the other important people in your life!! 🙂



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