Mother’s Day and Go Noodle

Hey friends! Long time, no blog. Are you kids CRAZY?!?!? Omg, we’ve been Go Noodling like 4 times a day…if you don’t have an account, DO IT!! I’m telling you…AMAZING!!!! I know bloggers all over are talking about it and it is seriously worth the hype!! 
This is our little guy. So fun! they get to pick a name and everything! He grows when you add minutes! 
Here are some of the videos/activities. Honestly, we haven’t done a single one that my kiddos didn’t like. 
And one of our favorites for calming down!! It’s called Airtime. First you pick your starting place! 
Then you follow the bubble to your new location! They follow along breathing IN and OUT…and they DO IT!! At first, I thought “there’s no way they’re getting in to this.” And then BAM! All I heard was inhaling and exhaling…NO talking, whining, tattling! What a sweet, sweet sound! I asked them what their favorite Brain Break was for our attendance question yesterday…half of them said this one!! Who knew!! 
 Of course we LOVE the Lego one! A little boy made the video to go along with the song! So FUN! 
I hope you will try it out!! 
Now on to this weekend. Are you ready for Mother’s Day? Of course, we aren’t…at all. BUT, we did get our books done today so that’s a plus! 

You can grab this book for free! 🙂 I hope it’s useful to you procrastinators like me…we need to stick together! 🙂 
Have a good Friday friends! 
Also, if you haven’t checked out my friend Jennifer’s Teacher Confessions you have to! It’s HILARIOUS!! 

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