Number Sense Activities

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Mine is about to include a nap! 🙂 I am super excited and proud of my new product because I believe it is a FUN, effective, and low-prep way to build number sense in our kiddos! It is so important our kiddos are fluent with numbers, and I try to build that in to our daily routine. I was thinking how often I was prepping materials, and an idea hit me…I could create cards ONCE and then just print the games over and over! Then I would have ready made games at my fingertips for math tubs, small groups, and tutoring! I love that I can choose the cards I want to use…it’s easy to differentiate that way! The pack includes number cards for 1-120 in colors and black/white. I love printing the black/white on Astrobrights cardstock…can’t get enough! 
Plus they are just require a few straight cuts! Here are the activities we have been doing! My babies are LOVING them, and I’m loving the way they practicing number fluency while having fun. 
For this activity, they practice counting on. They draw a card and then spin the spinner. It’s a great way to teach counting on, because they won’t want to count all with such big numbers! 
It’s so important that our kiddos can count backwards and forwards from any number…most of my students are confident going forward, but backward is a bit trickier. I created this activity with them in mind! 🙂 
For this activity, they will draw number cards and sort them as odd and even. 
This is along the same lines as Before and After, but they just write the numbers before! This would be perfect for kiddos who are struggling with numbers to 20..just give them cards 1-20! 🙂 
For this activity, students draw place value blocks for the number. You would definitely want to teach them draw rectangles for tens!
My kiddos love practicing tallies! 
Students draw 4 number cards for this activity and put them in order from least to greatest! 
For this activity, students draw 2 number cards and compare them! 
Students draw a card and complete a 10 More, 10 Less, 1 More, and 1 Less puzzle! 
Students complete a 120 chart puzzle for each number. It teaches counting by 10s and 1s. 
This activity will have your students practice place value! 
 And my kiddos favorite…Find and Color! Students pull a card and find it on the 120 chart! 
As you can see, these are all super low-prep and easy for kiddos to understand! Click the picture to check them out! 
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 🙂 

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