120th Day of School

Hi! Today I wanted to stop by and share a few fun ideas for celebrating the 120th Day of School with your students! At both schools I taught first grade at, Kindergarten had a SUPER fun and exciting 100th day of school. The kiddos always talked about it an I knew it was a huge deal for them. Because our standards changed to using numbers within 120, I wanted to change our celebration to the 120th day! I also wanted to make sure it was as engaging as last year, and it would be a unique experience for them! I decided to make our entire day have a theme…Rocking Through Our 120th Day! I wanted to share some of the ideas in the hopes that you might enjoy these same activities with your students! 🙂
 Fresh And Fun Ideas for Celebrating the 120th Day of School
We started our day setting a goal to read 120 books. We talked about how that meant each student needed to read 6 books.  There are lots of ways to number the chart, but this seemed like the easiest to me. 🙂 It also helped with making groups of 10! We actually didn’t finish it that day, but we did the next! 🙂 See those labels on the bookshelf?? They’re FREE! 🙂  Here are some sweet boys adding to the chart. I let them use my flair pens to make it extra colorful and I knew markers would be too thick! They read books throughout the day when they finished work, and also during our Independent and Buddy Reading times :).
Students Write 120 Books They Read
 Students Read 120 Books on the 120th Day of School
 One of the first activities we completed was skip counting to 120. I printed out these cards in black/white and let them color with smelly markers :). Then they worked together to glue them in order. In the pack, there’s a recording sheet but I didn’t snap a pic of it!
Students Work Together to Skip Count to 120
As groups finished, they went right back to reading to add to our chart! 🙂
 A bit later, we sat down together and talked about all the things we had learned in the first 120 days of school! There is SO much we have done, and I was so excited to see what stuck out to them. Then they wrote and drew about it. I think it’s SO important that students reflect on what they have learned so far. Being self-reflective is a HARD skill, and something even grown ups struggle with.
 My Rocking Learning Writing Page for 120th Day of School

We also drew the friends we have made over the past 120 days!

My Friends Rock Page for 120th Day of School
My favorite part of the day is our Microphone Craftivity! Students put the microphone together and then draw 120 dots. Next time, I’ll have them add 120 dots of glue and add glitter!
120th Day Craftivity
The very last thing we did was our Superstar Snack! IT was SO fun and great practice for my few kiddos who are still working on 1:1. I put 3 snacks at each of our 4 tables (12 snacks in all.) I moved the plates and the kiddos stayed seated. It helped minimize the chaos a little, haha!
 Superstar Snacks For 120th Day
Superstar Snack for 120th Day of School Ten Frames
All of these activities are included in my 120th Day of School Pack, as well as these printables!
Star Struck Activity for 120th Day of School   Rock and Roll Activity for 120th Day of School  Mystery Puzzle Worksheet for 120th Day of School
Click here to check out the 120th Day pack in my store! I also have the same activities for the 100th Day if that works better for your class! 🙂
Rocking Through the 120th Day Rocking Through the 100th Day
Fresh And Fun Ideas for the 120th Day of School


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