Mother’s Day Ideas

Hi friends! I wanted to stop by and share a few low key Mother’s Day ideas that are super easy to prep and super fun for the kiddos. There are so many adorable ideas on Pinterest…you can check out my Mother’s Day Pinterest board here.
A little note…I think it’s important to celebrate Mother’s Day sensitively for all the different types of families. For some kiddos, it could be best to skip it, but I like to discuss it but just have lots of options available. In the pack I have on TPT, there are TONS of options for Mom, Grandma, Auntie, Aunt, and even blank versions for kiddos who might choose to write to you or another important woman. 🙂
I love having my kiddos fill out their All About My Mom book. This book has tons of covers too for sweeties who don’t live with their mom.







Letter writing is a super easy and special way to celebrate Moms. It’s also a great way to support your kiddos who can write longer! There are also pages for Aunt, Grandma, and blank for teachers or other important ladies in their lives!
I LOVE the things the kiddos come up with! I think this is my favorite activity that we do!
Writing an acrostic poem is super fun too!
Finally, this is perfect for teachers who don’t have a ton of time! Simply prep the coupon books and let them choose the coupons they want to include. I think it’s important to let them choose so they feel a bit of ownership. 🙂 I like it printed on colored paper, but you could also use white paper and let them color! 🙂 I laid all of the coupons out and had them pick out what they wanted to give to their mom…that way they felt more ownership. 🙂





You can grab all of the above pages in my Mother’s Day unit on TPT! 🙂
I did this craft a few years ago, and I love how they turned out. I didn’t give them any templates and just had them make their mamas out of construction paper.  Then they chose adjectives that would describe their mom…it’s so fun to hear the conversations about which words are best! I know that my future children will probably say loud, weird, messy!
Then they wrote about their moms…it’s a little hard to see and I can’t find the original photos. Click the link to grab the adjectives and the writing page! 🙂
What fun things do you have planned to celebrate the important ladies in their lives?

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