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Hi everyone! I wanted to stop by today and share a project that has been several weeks in the making! When we heard about floods in Louisiana, our hearts broke thinking about all of the families that were impacted! Soon after, it occured to us that were tons of teachers and classrooms who lost everything! Not only were these sweet kiddos displaced at home, they didn’t even have a school to go to. Teachers were trying to rebuild their homes AND their classrooms! We knew we had to do something, and we started brainstorming on the best way to support teachers.

Teachers Give Back; Donating to classroom affected by the Louisiana flood

I have teamed together with some of my best friends for this project, and we are so excited to support the teachers in Louisiana! Every day for the next week, one of us will be showcasing a Donor’s Choose project for a classroom affected by the floods. There are SO many teachers that need our support, and we want to make it easy for the teacher community to rally around these amazing teachers and help them rebuild what was lost.

How Can You Help? 

To see our featured projects, you’lll want to follow us all on Instagram and Facebook! You can click through these links to make sure you’re following so you don’t miss a project! We hope that you will see a project, and your heart will embrace the teacher of the project with a desire to reach out and support him or her. Donations can be made directly through theDonors Choose website, and all donations are tax-deductible. We know that together, we can reach so many children, and help them rebuild their classroom families. Follow us on our IG and FB accounts below to check out the daily featured projects:


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While we will be shouting out and sharing featured projects from Louisiana teachers, you can also find the master list of all Louisiana’s Donors Choose projects by clicking HERE.
Thank you for joining us in this movement to give back to the teachers of Louisiana. Regardless of where you live or what grade level you teach, these are our teaching peers. They need us right now, and since teachers have the BIGGEST hearts, let’s help them rebuild their classrooms!
Please feel free to share the image below with your teacher friends and your family. Link back to one of our blogs or to our FB or IG accounts so that they can see the featured projects and reach out to help. 🙂 Thank you so much for everything you do!
Teachers Give Back; Donating to classroom affected by the Louisiana flood

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