Promoting Great Character in the Classroom

Happy Sunday! I wanted to stop by today and share a bit about promoting and rewarding great character in the classroom!

Promoting Great Character in the Classroom

As I have been working hard on my Character Curriculum, I’ve been trying to think of ways to encourage our kiddos that are practicing the things we are teaching! Just like we praise their math thinking or handwriting, it’s important to praise the choices they are making!

I think it’s super important that we (teachers) are praising our students, but that they’re also finding time to praise each other! This week, I created these fun awards for each of the character traits included in the Character Curriculum pack. All you need to do is print some on cute paper (or print the colored versions) and have them ready to go! When you see a kiddo being kind, or fair, or showing self-control write a quick note! They’re PERFECT to send home or to share in classroom meetings.

Giving Back Character Award Leadership Character Award 2 Self Control Award Self-Awareness Character Award

You can also have students nominate each other for awards! Of course, you’d want to make sure you give out several awards so they the expectations. 🙂

Student Nomination Form

In my Kindness pack, I included a lesson on a Classroom Kindness Catcher. Students try to catch each other being kind and draw and write about it. They make for such an encouraging way to start or end the day too! My sweet friend Meagan keeps her catcher on a shelf and the kiddos can add to it anytime they are working independently. She reads them aloud and then sends them home!

Kindness Catcher Classroom Kindness Catcher Note Classroom

I had such great responses, I added something similar to the Leadership pack! In Letters to a Leader, your kiddos will write letters when their friends are great examples to them!

Leaders to a Letter Thank You For Leading Me

You can grab these awards in my Character Education Curriculum! Unfortunately, they are not available to purchase separately but the bundle is a fabulous discount and full of amazing resources! There might even be a few more surprises to come! 🙂 You can purchase all of the Character Education packs in my store! 🙂 

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