Family Blog Series #3-Online Resources for Learning at Home

Good morning! Today I wanted to share some resources your kids can use during your “academic” time. Every family has different screen time expectations and I think this is something we will all work through in the coming weeks and months. I encourage you to spend time with your child online as much as possible! Screen time can be family time if we are intentional about it.

I also want to give you the freedom to use screen time when you need a mental break. If you are like me, I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed…worse by the day. We can’t be the best parents when we are feeling this way so take some time to yourself when you need it. No guilt. This time is unprecedented and we’re all trying to get through. ❤️


Yesterday I shared my favorite online resources for ebooks and audiobooks. I shared about Storyline Online, Hoopla and Epic. I also just learned that Vooks is offering a free YEAR for parents with students at home.

Scholastic-Teachers everywhere are familiar with Scholastic and I was thrilled they are offering free resources during this time! Everything is divided by grade-level and they have daily activities for students to complete.

Highlights 4 Kids-Highlights has a ton of great content but my favorite part is the recipes. Cooking at home is such a great way to spend time as a family and integrate math and science. There’s also craft and game ideas, jokes, a place for research, online games and even podcasts for kids. –

Starfall-Starfall is a great website for younger elementary students. Some of it is paid ($35/year) but they have a lot of free content too! I love the easy readers for students just learning to read.

Google Arts and CultureGoogle offers a ton of virtual tours of famous art, landmarks and museums. This would be ideal for students who are researching or who are reading about a topic. I would say 3rd grade and up would enjoy this website!

ABC Ya-ABC Ya offers grade based learning games for word study (phonics) math, holidays and skills (problem solving, logic etc.). This website is always a class favorite!

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.- This was definitely my most used website in the classroom. Not only do they have awesome educational videos, they’ve added quizzes and lots of other activities to the website. They are offering FREE access through this website.

Susan Jones Youtube-Susan is sharing THREE lessons a day this week. Each day you can tune in for a reading, math and writing. Shes’ a first grade expert and I know this content is going to be awesome.

CODE.Org– What better time for your kiddos to learn to code than right now? This skill may be as important to their future as any other content area. offers a ton of fun games to introduce coding that increases in difficulty. Great for students who love to problem solve and for those who are still learning how to fail and try again. –

PBS Kids and PBS Learning -I have loved PBS since I was a little girl and it’s still just as great! PBS Kids has a ton of learning games and activities and even send activities to your email each day. PBS Learning houses a ton of great educational videos.

With the exception of Susan’s videos (they are quality instruction almost identical to what your students would be getting at school), most of these sites are supplemental to what your schools are sending home. If you’re not getting resources from school that’s totally okay and I will continue to share resources with you!


Phonics Island -Awesome phonics practice for primary learners. It focuses mostly on letter identification and beginning sounds so great for kindergarten and first graders who are still practicing.

Starfall-The same website I mentioned above has 5 awesome and free apps- Starfall, ABC, Learn to Read, It’s Fun to Read and I’m Reading. So many fun and interactive reading and math activities for young learners.

Epic-I mentioned Epic yesterday and the app is just as awesome as the website! Sometimes free libraries don’t offer popular books but Epic definitely does! All of your kids favorites at their fingertips.

Sock Puppets-This is such a clever idea and way for your kids to practice retelling a story, telling about something they know or really anything else they can think of! They are able to create “voice overs” funny sock puppets. Many schools use this app so it may be something they are familiar with! After they’re doing with the app you can make real sock puppets and do the same thing!

Chatterpix Students take a picture and then can add their own voice on top. It’s great for telling about their favorite books, something they just learned about, or for sending messages to their loved ones.

Math Slide -Several fun games for building math skills. Tens and Ones is great for students who are still building place value and Hundreds, Tens and Ones is a little more advanced. They also have Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division and Basic Facts.

Moose Math-Moose Math is a super well thought out game for young learners. It even has a little report card for parents. If you have toddlers at home, the creators, Duck Duck Moose has great apps for toddlers as well.

Splash Math-Splash Math has a ton of great games over a ton of different math standards from counting to multiplication. It is divided by grade (Kinder-4th grade) and standards-based.

Kids World Atlas-Social Studies is SO important and even more pressing right now. This app helps students learn all about landforms, animals and places around the world.

Skyview Light-This awesome science app teaches you about the stars you are looking at in the sky.

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