Resources for your Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plans

Today I wanted to share some books and resources for teaching all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is such an important unit for students, but I hope these are resources you choose to use all year long. Black History, Civil Rights and Anti-Racism are conversations we can (and should) be having all year long.

Lesson Plans

More Than Just a Dream by Lanesha Tabb and Naomi O’Brien

This is a great unit I recommend to all primary teachers. Lanesha and Naomi are powerful advocates for using Black voices to share Black stories. Their lesson plans are historically accurate and engaging!


The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

This is a great, short video sharing a bit about Dr. King’s life in a kid-friendly but accurate way. Kid President always creates great videos, and draws students in immediately.

Martin Luther King Jr. by Brain Pop

Brain Pop always does an awesome job grabbing students’ attention and teaching about important topics. This video is free so you don’t need a subscription. You can also add the video on Civil Rights to your lesson plans to take the learning a bit deeper

Read Alouds

My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by Martin Luther King III

Sankofa Read Aloud of My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport

Sankofa Read Aloud of Martin’s Big Words

I Have a Dream Speech read by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and book Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Let the Children March by Monica Clark-Robinson

Sankofa Read Aloud of Let the Children March

We March by Shane W. Evans

Freedom Reads Read Aloud of We March

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