4 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Hi teacher! Today I want to share a few resolutions for the new year that I think you’ll actually be able to keep!

As teachers, it is so easy to put everyone ahead of ourselves. You might be tempted to set goals about learning more about your reading instruction or organize your manipulatives. But you have enough on your plate. I encourage you to set resolutions and goals for the new year that you can keep, and help you take better care of yourself.

Prioritize Relationships With My Students
I know I said we wouldn’t be making goals about “work.” But this one is different…it actually helps you take other things off your plate. Instead of focusing on having the most organized classroom, or the biggest classroom library, take the pressure off. Remember that what students need is an engaged teacher that cares about them. They won’t remember anything as much as how you made them feel. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, and like your plate is entirely full…see what you can take off.

Ask For Help
Teaching is HARD. Life is HARD. The only thing that makes it easier is support. So often, as teachers, we can feel isolated and like our classrooms are islands. But working (and living) this way is lonely, and adds extra stress. This year, I encourage you to ask for help. Reach out to your team when you’re struggling. If you need help, ask your admin and support staff. They might say “no,” but’s that a reflection of THEM. And when we ask for help and they don’t help us, they’re forced to admit they won’t actually help us after all. If you’re not sure how to ask for help, or are looking for other teachers to lean on, come join our Facebook communtity! Introduce yourself, and I think you’ll find lots of like-minded teachers.

Listen To My Body and Mind
Recently I started a new type of therapy, called Internal Family Systems. It’s been life-changing for me! One of the things it has helped me do is recognize when my mind or body need something. Instead of ignoring the “parts” of me that need rest or support, I’ve learned to listen to them when they nudge me. If I DON’T listen to them, they have to yell..when our parts yell, we feel in turmoil. This year, I encourage you to listen to your mind and body. If you need rest…REST. There is nothing wrong with resting. If you need a day off…take it. So often we know what’s best for us…we just don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Take Time Away from Work
The final resolution I hope you’ll make this year is to take more time away from work. It will look different for everyone, but I really encourage you to set stronger boundaries around your time, and even your mind. You might be really good at leaving work at 4:00, but spend the last 2 hours before bedtime stressing about paperwork that isn’t finished and lessons that aren’t planned. This year, I hope you give yourself the freedom to truly disconnect from work/school on a regular bassis. You desreve it, and you’ll probably find you are a much better teacher when you’ve had a break.

What resolutions are you making this year?

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