First Week Plans

So…I am a blogger FAILURE! 🙂 I promised all of these fabulous updates, and I literally have fallen asleep at 8:00 everyday, and I feel like I haven’t seen Keith in weeks! Boo! BUT, Meet the Teacher went AMAZING, and I am sooo excited for these new little ones! Did I mention how SWEET they are?!!? And their parents are wonderful too! I just can’t even wait until Monday! We have five new sweet ladies on our team, so I made really detailed plans to help them! I wanted to share them with you too. :)Please excuse my silly language! 🙂 As a reminder, pretty much everything I mention is in my First Days packet on TPT. If anything isn’t, just email me and I will send it to you! 🙂


Day in
7:30-8:00- Eat
breakfast and do Blast off to First Grade activity pack. Ms. H will be greeting
kiddos, and helping them find their seats and organize their supplies in tubs
at the back of the room. If students finish their coloring page, they can work
on the activity pages (number review, alphabet review, and color review).
Follow breakfast clean up procedures.
students to carpet by table and go over bathroom procedures. Then, students
will line up in number order for the bathroom and follow procedures.
8:30-9:00- Students go
back to their table and make sure their names are on their packets. Call
students to carpet and have them drop their packets off in the green tray as
they come to the carpet. Tell them how excited you are to have them in your
class! Explain that we are going to talk about what we do in the mornings so
that tomorrow we will be ready! We will make an anchor chart to show the
routine. Teacher will call students up who want to draw a picture of each
      1. Give Ms. H a big
Put backpack away
      3. Find your name and
do your lunch count
      4. Walk to table and
get your card
      5. Line up for
      6. Return to table and
start morning work and eating breakfast. If you need help with your breakfast,
raise your hand. We can use squeak like a mouse voices during this time to ask
our neighbors questions. No one gets out of their seats.
      7. Clean up our
breakfast (practiced that this morning)
9:00-9:15- Return to
class and talk about recess rules from the POSSE. Kiddos will sign a poster
that says “We are Safe at Recess”
9:15-9:45- Go outside
and show appropriate/not appropriate ways to play on the equipment.
9:45-10:15- First Day Jitters Read Aloud.
Teacher will talk about how excited she felt on the first day of school but
that she missed Tucker! She also is a little tired. J She will show these things on her “What’s in My
Heart” Page. Then, she will give quiet friends their paper and begin
drawing/writing what it is in their heart on the first day of first grade.
10:15-11:00-Mrs. Nelson is Missing Read Aloud.
Then we will sort the activities from the book and our room into “Silly Things”
and “Super Smart Things”. We will talk about the things that are silly and the
things that are smart. Then, we will use those to come up with Classroom Rules.
1. Stand Up/Hand up/Pair Up- Tell your buddy something that is
“silly” and something that is “smart.”
2. Return to carpet and Ms. H will explain that we want to talk
about all the things you said were smart. Take 5-6 volunteers.  Then explain that we want to be “smart” in
first grade and these rules will help us do that!
*Treat everyone at school with kindness
*Make safe choices
*Keep our classroom clean
*Listen when someone else is speaking
*Follow directions when any adult talks to you
If time, students will return to their tables and show pictures
of each rule.
H will give a brief talk about being a kind group member and sharing supplies.
Explain that we will talk more about this later. Students will go back to their
tables and make a poster that shows a rule.
lunch behavior (basic…will discuss more later)…kiddos will
line up in number order and walk silently to the cafeteria.
11:50- Lunch J
are we going home graph? Students will draw their face on a Post-it and Ms. H
will call them up to place their face on Car/Bus/Daycare/Walker. Then we will
decide how many there are in all, and how many of each. Finally, we will decide
which one has the most and how we know that.
12:40-1:00- Friendship
Line Dancing U-Time Lesson. We will talk about being a kind friend, and do
inner/outer circle to practice greeting each other, and giving compliments.
1:00-1:15- Review
bathroom procedures, and take a restroom break.
1:15-2:05- Specials (ART)
2:05-2:15- Read our First Day, First Grade Poem, and reiterate
how excited Ms. H is for the year! Then, Ms. H will show us our sight words,
and see if any of them seem familiar?? We will read the 5 sight words together.
2:15-2:35- We will practice
packing up. Students will clean their tables, and Ms. H will explain what is in
the Take Home Folder. Anyone who brings all of the forms back gets to add a sticker
to your chart! Ms. H calls tables to get their backpacks. Bus riders line up on
the left, and car riders get their clips out of the bucket and line up on the
right. Then, put our backpacks away and do it again.
2:40- We will say
our Goodbye Poem and Bus Riders will walk into the hallway and meet Mrs.
Marshall’s class. Car riders will walk outside and follow outside dismissal



day in
7:30-8:00- Eat
breakfast and complete the “My First Day of First Grade” flow map. Teacher will
remind kiddos to follow morning routine and look at anchor chart if they don’t
remember. If they have any forms to turn in, they should go on Ms. H’s kidney
table where the examples are. Make sure they give teacher a BIG HUG! If they
complete their flow map, put their name on their paper, and pick up their
review packet.
8:00-8:15-Ms. H will
quickly review of clean up and  bathroom
8:15-8:30- Bathroom
break by office bathroom.
8:30-9:15- Students will return to
their seats and make sure their tables are clean. Then, Ms. H will call littles
to the carpet. It’s time for Chrysanthemum
! At the beginning of the story, Ms. H will have Chrysanthemum’s heart on a
piece of paper. Each time someone is hurtful to her, she will crumple the
paper. At the end of the story, Ms. H will uncrumple the heart and explain that
her parents made her feel better! But, she will talk about how her heart is
still crumpled. L She will explain how important it is that we
are kind to the people in our class because we are ALL special.
9:15-9:45- Each table will be given a
playground equipment, and they will make a poster of how to use it correctly.
(Swings, Monkey Bars, Grassy Area, Bridge, Slides). Ms. H will help them scribe
their words onto the poster.
9:45-10:00- Recess
10:00-10:45 Ms. H will explain that we
want to learn about each other so that we feel special and support each other!
Teacher will model how to fill out the All About Me form. Kiddos will return to
their seats and fill them out using crayons and pencils. After about 15
minutes, Ms. H will call them back to the carpet and show how we talk to our
shoulder partners. Littles will share their All About Me sheet with their
shoulder partner. Then, Ms. H will talk about the importance of saying
something nice to each other instead of hurtful things. Everyone will get a
blank notecard and they will return to their seats and write a kind note to
their shoulder partner about what they told them. Ms. H will model this by
writing a nice note to a few friends. After they are done, they will return to
the carpet and sit in a big circle. Ms. H will have them share their nice notes
in front of the class.
10:45-11:15- Ms. H will model how to fill
out the class book form so that they can make their first class book! Firsties
will return to their seats and work on their class book.
11:15:11:50- Ms. H will call everyone to
the carpet and ask how lunch went yesterday. Today, we are going to make an
anchor chart to help us make good choices in the lunch room! We will make a T
Chart with “Silly Choices in the Cafeteria” and “Super Smart Choices in the
Cafeteria” with student generated responses. Then, students will return to their
seats and draw “This is me making smart choices in the cafeteria.” Kiddos will
WRITE the title on their page so Ms. H can assess their copying and handwriting
skills. She will walk around, and ask them to read the title and share their
picture to her.
11:50-12:20- Lunch
12:20-1:05 The Dot Read Aloud! After the Read
Aloud, Ms. H will talk about how we are all so good at things, even making
Dots! She will give the firsties a piece of construction paper with enough room
for a Dot. They will make their Dots to be hung up on the door. Their names
will go at the bottom, like an autograph. J
1:05-1:15-Teacher will
talk about hallway behavior, and explain that we have done a super job so far!
But today, we are going to learn EXACTLY how to walk in the hallway in our 4S
line. Teacher will show the 4S chart and explain each one
2:05-2:25- How Many Letters
Are in Your Name Chart? Ms. H will model how to write our first name in the
boxes, and count the number of letters. We will add them to our Name Chart.
2:25- Review
Dismissal Procedures and pack up
2:45- Follow
dismissal procedures and line up.
day in
7:30-8:00- Eat
breakfast and build your first and last name with letter tiles on a sentence
8:00-8:15-Ms. H will
quickly review of clean up and  bathroom
8:15-8:30- Bathroom
break by office bathroom. Teacher will review a 4S line.
8:30-9:00- Everyone will come to the
carpet and teacher will read The Night
Before First Grade
.  Teacher will
explain that even though it’s not our first day, we are still brand new first
graders! We need to talk about what first graders get to use, what they do, and
what they are! First, students will work independently to draw/write (their
choice) as many things as they can that First Graders Can/Have/Are. Ms. H will
model of course. J Students will go back to their seats and fill
it out.
9:00-10:00- Students will bring their
sheets back to the carpet, and place them IN FRONT OF THEM. Ms. H will explain
carpet procedures, and that we only get 1 warning before we lose our things. L Ms. H will ask kiddos to
share their ideas to add to our class Tree Map of “First Graders Can/Have/Are.”
Ms. H will explain that First Graders are READERS, MATHEMATICIANS, and
SCIENTISTS! That means that we have to be extra responsible with our materials!
Today we will be practicing using our materials!
10:00-10:15- Ms. H will introduce our
STRIPE binders, and explain that we get to take them home if our forms came
back. She will go over every thing in the binder and how we can use them. She
will also focus on our STRIPE binder rules. She will also show them how they
know which one is their’s and where they go. They will check them in the
morning and if there is anything in them from their parents, they put them on
Ms. H’s kidney table.
10:15-10:30- Teacher will show our Book
Bags with our numbers on them, and pass out Guided Reading books. We will use
them to keep all of our special reading tools that we will practice using the
next few weeks! Students will return their book bags (with GR books) to the
shelf nicely and in order.
10:30-11:15- Ms. H will explain that
mathematicians do so many things! We will make a class circle map of
mathematicians! Then, Ms. H will send firsties back to their seats and give
them math manipulatives. Students will see if they can figure out with their
group what the manipulatives are for.
Counters- Helping us count, make numbers
Unifix Cubes- Measuring, Counting, Adding
Dice- Playing Math activities
Number Cards- Playing Math activities, counting
We will come back and add to our circle map with the
tools that Mathematicans use.
11:15-11:30- We will make a Word Bank
Anchor Chart of words that we use in Math. We will brainstorm any Math words we
know from Pre-K, and Kindergarten.
11:30-11:45- Ms. H will pass out our math
notebooks, and they will make a circle map on the front page. Then, they will
put the tools that Mathematicians use in the circle map, and anything else they
want to know about 1st grade Math. Firsties can use the Word Bank to
help them.
11:45- Review Lunch procedures
11:50- Lunch
12:20-1:00- Students are at the carpet,
and Ms. H will explain that we are also Scientists in First Grade! Scientists
learn things about the world around them! Ms. H has placed Science Tools all
around the room. (There are enough for each student). CALMLY, kiddos will find
one Science Tool and walk back to the carpet. If anyone runs, or fights, they
have to come back to the carpet without anything. L We will get in a circle, and
share the Science Tool we found.
1:00-1:15- Bathroom
break before specials
1:15-2:05- Specials
2:05- 2:30- Students
will write their names on sentence strips, and cut the letters out. Then they
will choose a friend, and talk about what letters they have the same, and what
letters are different. Ms. H will model it with Haley and Tucker. Then, they
will make a Venn Diagram to show what letters are the same and what letters are
2:30-2:40- Follow
dismissal procedures and line up.



day in
7:30-8:00- Students
will eat breakfast, and work on a First Grader Circle Map. Firsties can
draw/write ANYTHING that First Graders do, have, use, etc.
8:00-8:20- Bathroom
8:20-9:00- Introduce Tucker
letter and talk about how we can count the bones. Teacher will model counting
1:1, and moving them once we have counted them. Then, each table group will get
a basket of 5 labeled bags with dog bones. Students will count how many bones
are in each bag, and write it on their recording sheet. Firsties will make sure
to take the bones out of the bag to count them, and put them back in when they
are done.
9:00-9:20- Recess
9:20-9:45- Ms. H will introduce
the Voice Level chart, and we will talk about times we might use each one. We
will make a tree map of when to use each voice level, and add student generated
9:45-10:30- Ms. H will
show classroom labels, and ask her friends to help her stretch the words out to
find out what they are. Then, students will use them to label the classroom. Finally,
friends will get a clipboard and return to the table to get a pencil. Ms. H
will introduce the “Words I Know” and “Words I Don’t Know” T chart. They will
walk around the room and write words that fit each category.
H will introduce our Writer’s Notebook, and our ABC linking chart. Students can
return to their tables and color the pictures, and then cut the ABC chart out.
We will add it to their writing notebooks. Then, we will return to the carpet
and talk about Why Writer’s Write…(To tell
stories, to give information/to teach, to make people laugh, to help us, to
express ideas) and Tools Writer’s Use. We will add to this list as we introduce
more tools. Some tools we use now are different types of paper, our notebooks,
our ABC charts, pencils, crayons, word banks, and spacers. (Popsicle sticks).
Students will return to their tables, and choose what paper they would like to
add to their notebooks. Each student gets to choose 5 sheets of paper. Ms. H
will call them up to choose their paper and add it to their notebook.
H will model how to make a LIST of the people in our class by using words
around the room, our nametags, and stretching words out. She will write it on
list paper. First graders can use list paper, one sheet at a time. They can use
pictures, but your list should all be about the same thing. Like, a shopping
list, friends in our class, things I like, etc.
11:50-12:20- Lunch
12:20-1:00- Ms. H will
explain that one of the most important thing that Scientists do is ask
questions. We want to generate lots of questions! Ms. H will write a few
questions on Post Its. She will explain that ANY kind of question is okay, but
we want it to be something we can use science tools and our scientist brains to
find out! Like…
 What Kind of Animals Live in Texas?
How many planets are in the sky?
What are balloons made of?
Then first graders will return to their seats and write/draw
their questions on the post-its. Students will return to the carpet and we will
do Stand Up/Hand Up/Pair Up to share our questions. Then, with our last
partner, we will walk to the front of the room and share our questions (all 4
of them) and add them to the Question Anchor Chart.
1:00-1:15- Bathroom
1:15-2:05- Specials
2:05-2:25- Ms. H will review
our First Grade poem and our sight words for the week. If there is time, we
will add Stickers to our Poetry notebooks.
2:25-2:40- Dismissal
and Pack Up



day in
7:30-8:00- First
Grader Word Search
8:00-8:15- Bathroom
8:15-8:30- Ms. H will
read Ten Black Dots, and practice counting the dots on each page.
8:30-8:45- Ms. H will
model how to choose how many dots I want to use, and what I want to make with
8:45-9:00- Students will
make their pictures with black dots.
9:00-9:20- Recess
9:20-10:00- Students
will continue their 10 Black Dots picture, and then Ms. H will call them back
to the carpet and model how to write a sentence explaining our picture. Then
students will write “I used _ black dots to make a _.
H will show her large heart map on an anchor chart. She will explain that
writer’s write about all kinds of things, but the best things to write about
are things that we love and know about! Ms. H will write about the things that
she loves. (Tucker, Keith, Liam, Andy, Ben, Daddy, Mom, Keith’s parents,
Baseball, Teaching, Desserts)…each time she adds something,
she uses words and pictures to help her describe them.
H will pass out hearts to her firsties. They will draw/write things that are in
their heart. Then, we will do inner/outer circle to share our heart with 3
friends. Ms. H will remind firsties that when someone is done sharing, we say “Thank
you!” and “Great Job!”
H will explain that one of the most important things we will learn in First Grade
is how to read and write for a long time! The first thing we need to practice
is how to take good care of our books and our book bags! We will make an anchor
chart/T Chart that says “How to Treat Books,” with a happy face and a sad face.
Graders will get their book bags, YEAH!, and they will practice choosing a few
books from their table boxes to add to their book bags. (2-3). Then, Ms. H will
ask what reading looks like? We will make another anchor chart for “Good
Readers.” Good Readers look at the pictures, read the words, think about the book
they are reading, choose a new book after they finish, stay in one spot, don’t
give up, and choose books that they WANT to read. Then, first graders will get
to read the books in the book bags at their table until lunch. (We will not
introduce Stamina until next week).
11:50-12:20- Lunch
12:20-1:00- We will read
Meet Einstein, and we will make a class anchor chart about Scientists…what they
can, what they have, and what they are. We will use our background knowledge
from Kindergarten to help us! Scientists CAN measure things, classify them, put
them into groups, observe, use tools, and write in their notebook, do experiments.
Scientists HAVE scales, magnifying glasses, etc., and ARE smart, curious, first
graders, etc…we will use this anchor chart throughout the
year to help us.
1:00-1:15- Back to
School Read Aloud!
1:15-2:05- Specials
2:05-2:25- Catch up
from the first week, or do a Back to School Read Aloud!
2:25-2:40- Review of
Pack Up procedures…hopefully by now, most of our
friends will have a STRIPE binder that they can use to color in their behavior

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