Good Citizens

What a bummer…we are losing tonight. 🙁 Breakin’ my heart, boys! We are headed to the game tomorrow and I am SO excited because if you live in DFW, you know how amazing the weather has been this weekend. We had some rain on Friday, but it feels like 30 degrees cooler. So, basically, I don’t want to dive into a pool of ice water. WOO HOO! 🙂 I had another fabulous week with my babies!

Some highlights of this week include one of my littles telling me her tooth was loose! When I asked which one, she said “my vampire teeth!” Duh! 🙂 So sweet.

Another HILARIOUS story…my teacher mentor…aka favorite person ever…came in my room asking to use my printer. Well, my printer is out of ink, so I had to tell her no. 🙁 But then my sweet little firstie had an idea! “Mrs. Harris…why don’t you just use our ABC stamps?!” HA! Brilliant I tell ya! 🙂



We had so much fun painting ten frames with Q-Tips. They numbered their papers 11-20, and then painted the numbers. It was SUPER fun for them…they definitely SQUEALED when I got the paint out…but it was a fabulous assessment for me, and great practice!

We also read Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, and talked about Text to Self Connections. I love this book, because “Frenchy” reminds me SO much of my Tucker, and we took a YEAR deciding what kind of dog to get. That’s right folks, a year. I picked the book because I had so many connections to it. 🙂 Here are some of their sweet connections!



We also have been learning all about Good Citizens! We read tons of books, and had a discussion about some very important Good Citizens (like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einsten, etc.) I definitely had to prompt some of the answers on our anchor chart, because I had a few specific ones I really wanted to make sure we talked about. Our favorite book from the week was probably Miss Rumphius. It’s so easy for them to see how she made the world a better place, and pretty sure they will all be walking around planting flowers now. 🙂

After we made our Circle Map, and brainstormed some Good Citizens, we made Nobel Peace Prizes for people that we thought deserved one. Of course, we talked about the Nobel Peace Prize extensively before we made them. 🙂







 Super sweet! I already hung them up, because I couldn’t wait to show their work off! 🙂
This week we start comparing numbers…dun dun dun. It’s all fun and games until Ally the Alligator introduces herself, and then we get VERY confused. 🙂 We made a super cute number line for us to use for each lesson, but forget to take pictures. Darnit! Anyway, here are some of the activities we will be using to practice Greater Than/Less Than. My babies are already bored with some of our Math Tubs…it’s been 3 weeks, people?!?! So, after this week, some of these will probably replace some of the counting activities.

All they do on this one is draw two Monster Cards and write them in the square. Then, they circle the bigger number. We will do this before we really start talking about Greater Than/Less Than and using the symbols.

For this activity, they are ordering numbers, but we just introduce it as less than, between, and more than. I will definitely be doing this with a number line. After they have lots of practice with this, we will make a little foldable that says “less than, between, and more than” and they will write a number for each flap.

  I saw this super cute idea at The First Grade Parade, but I didn’t see her activity anywhere. So, I made my own using the super cute bug clip art from Scrappin Doodles! Firsties will choose a number card, and then sort the buggie cards into the jars that say “greater than” or “less than”…if you haven’t taught that vocabulary yet, the jars also say “more/bigger” and “less/smaller.”




After we have taught Greater Than/Less Than, and the signs, I will introduce this game. They pick two puppy dog cards, and choose the right bone. You can also use the recording sheet if you want to. 🙂



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