Story Elements!

This has been a great week back! Boy have I been tired, but each day I am excited for their smile, hugs, and eagerness to learn and spend the day at school. Is anything better than “Aw, man…tomorrow’s Friday! I wanna stay at school all weekend!” Melt. My. Heart.

In reading, we have been doing story elements all week. My anchor chart is nothing to be that proud of, but they came up with some great book characters!

 Then, we wrote about our favorite book character!
 We had Biscuit!
  Alice the Fairy! (I didn’t share this, but she has to be one of MY favorites!)
And of course, someone had to do Pete!


After that, we talked about setting. We made a T Chart of WHERE stories happen and WHEN stories happen. I forgot to grab a picture of that! I passed out trade books that we had read before. Then, they had to decide the setting of the story.

For some reason, I didn’t get many pictures of them doing that! Here is the blank sheet.


 We also touched on Problem and Solution. We read Bad Kitty to get started!

I picked it because the problem and solution were so evident! Problem..he’s a bad kitty. 🙂 Haha.




Occasionally, when I read other teacher blogs, I am shocked at how much even their Kinder Kinds can write! But my littles have so much to work through and I love seeing their progress. All of those recording sheets (and a TON more) are from my Retelling and Story Elements Pack.


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