Easy ABC Order

Hi friends! Quick post today…hubby and I are going to the Maverick’s game. I SERIOUSLY needed a nap before the game, but that’s not happening haha! 🙂 
Today we did a SUPER simple activity for alphabetical order. Like it’s kind of embarrassing how simple it was, and how excited they got haha.
To introduce ABC order we watched a few fun little videos on Youtube. For some reason, I can’t embed it but here it is! We also watched this one…it talks about ABC order to the 2nd and 3rd letter but for my kiddos that weren’t ready for it, it went right over their heads anyway haha. 🙂 
Anyway…after we watched the video we talked about what tools we could use to put words in ABC order (the alphabet haha, and the word wall.) 
Then our room got REALLY loud. I sent them back to their tables and gave them cut up strips of words to put in ABC order. Each group of words had a theme (holidays, feelings, animals, sports, and school words.) They had ALOT of fun and it was a great opportunity for the kiddos who really got it to help those who didn’t. 

If you want the word strips, just click HERE
I’m also SO excited…my little old blog should have a brand new look any day now. I hope you will love it as much as I do!!! There is glitter in it…so how could you NOT??!?!?! 
Have a good rest of your week! I will be back soon to brag on my new design and Becca over at Jumpin Jax! Let’s just say I was NOT the easiest customer and she was so patient, kind, and seriously talented!! 

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