My Sub Binder

Hi friends! I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I took Monday off for Rangers Opening Day! Wooo hoo! Here’s the bummer part…I couldn’t get tickets…so SAD!! They basically buy up all the tickets for Season Ticket holders and you have to win a lottery to buy them. I didn’t win…BUT I will be at home watching the game on my own couch. 🙂
So I had to get my Sub Plans ready for Monday. I figured I would share my Sub Binder with you! It took me several years to figure out sub plans that would work for me! I think I finally have a system that works!
So…here is my system. I included my schedule in the binder. I include a simple one, and a more detailed one!
See right there where it says “Follow Reader’s Workshop plans??” Well that’s where the actual sub plans come in! This is all I have to change when I’m going to be out. 🙂
I just put the work right behind it! SO easy!
It literally takes 20 minutes to get ready for a sub INCLUDING making copies. SO easy! Here are the other things I keep in the Sub Binder. 🙂
 Please ignore the typo!! 🙂
 I think this page is super helpful for subs. They know exactly who to help and who can help them! 🙂
I hope this post helps you! I’m working on a new packet with Emergency Sub Plans! I hope to have it up soon. Until then, you can grab all of these printables in my Editable Binder! Here’s just the Sub Binder printables. There are so many more though!! Click the picture to head over there now!
Don’t forget…my entire store is on sale this weekend so you can snag the binder up for only 6.40! I hope this was helpful to you! Let me know what other printables you use in your sub binder! I would love to add more and make it more useful!! 🙂

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