Apple Unit Fun

Hi guys! I’m just stopping by to show you my new apple unit. I am so excited about this project! 
There are 4 crafts included, as well as tons of printables! Here’s a look at what’s inside! 🙂 
Apple life cycle craft! 
Your students can make a fun apple diagram! 
A fun apple glyph that includes a recording sheet for after! 
 My sweet Tucker bear helped model the Life Cycle hat! Just color, cut, and add to a sentence strip! 
And some fun printables! 
There are 3 versions for the story problem book…perfect for differentiation! 2 story problems for numbers within 10 and 1 with numbers within 5. 
 Let’s do a little Pin It to Win It contest! 🙂 Pin an image and post the link in comments! You can do it up to 5 times. I will choose a random winner next week! 

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