Halloween Writing

Hi friends! I’m so excited about the new product I worked on this week! It is going to be perfect for our week before Halloween! Here are some of the activities you will find! 
The candy corn craftivty could be printed on colored paper or colored! 🙂 It’s perfect for telling a story or anything with 3 sections! 
A few flipbooks, because they are oh-so-fun and make the best bulletin boards! 

And tons of writing prompts! I use these as morning work and for fast-finishers but they would also be perfect for your writing center or writing time! 

All of these pages (and tons more) are in my new Halloween writing packet! 
Phew that was a lot of pictures!! 🙂 I have a little freebie to thank you for making it to the end, haha!! Click the picture to grab copies! 

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