A Little Bit of Our Week

Hi friends! Happy Thursday to you! This week has been SOOO slow. I don’t understand how the craziest, full-mooniest week of the year can go by so slow, ahahah!?? 
We have had TONS of fun in our room this week, though, and I wanted to share some ideas and freebies! 
Last week, our field trip was rained out. 🙁 They were heartbroken so I wanted to cheer them up! I had class copies of If You Give a Dog a Donut so it was the perfect surprise for them that morning! I try to grab them each month because you never know when they will come in handy. Some months I’m not crazy about the title, so I skip those months! 🙂 
After our fun breakfast and read-aloud we retold the story using a flow map. My kiddos know that good readers retell the story, but this story was tough, because there are so many steps! It worked great, because it encouraged them to go back into the text! After their flow map, we worked on a super fun craft. I didn’t give them templates or anything…we basically did a directed drawing but with scissors and glue! 🙂 

Here is the recording sheet we used! Click the picture to grab your copy! 
This week, I noticed that some of my kiddos were still struggling with number recognition. We played this super low-prep game during math today, and it really helped! I was able to pull kiddos over to support them and their partner checking their work provided instant feedback. 
I gave each partner group 5 Halloween erasers and a 120 chart. Each partner got their own recording sheet. The first partner covered their eyes, and their partner put down 5 erasers. Then, they opened their eyes and wrote the numbers while their partner checks them. 

I made the sheets a little cuter for you! Click the picture to grab your copy! I also included a version that they fill in their own! And a 100 chart version! 
We also used Jennifer’s Directed Drawings to create our own little Frankensteins for our Red Ribbon Week door! They turned out so, so cute! It makes me so happy each time I walk by!
As an incentive for the past few weeks, they were working hard to earn “bones” for their skeleton! 
Well they finished it earlier this week and were SO excited for their surprise! As their reward, I brought in Halloween houses for each table to build. It was SO fun! In the future, I will definitely build them first and let them decorate. It was hard for their little hands not to break the cookies, but they sure did try hard! Fortunately, our amazing counselor and special ed teacher came to help and they did most of the building. Engineering is NOT my gifting, hahah! 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and Halloween!! 🙂 

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