Happy Halloween sweet friends! I just got home from my little brother’s party and it was oh so fun! Not gonna lie…I fell asleep about 7:30 last night…this week is CRAZY!!! We had a blast all week long though! My friends and I were TY Beanie Babies. It was the most comfortable costume I have ever worn hahah! Leopard pajamas, some ears, and a TY tag! 🙂 DONE 🙂 
I tried to fill their day with fun Halloween surprises since I knew there was no stopping the crazy train! Our morning started with a Ninja/Power Ranger sword fight and it was all downhill from there, lol. Here are some photos of our day! 
You can find the adorable coloring sheet on Melonheadz blog HERE! I grabbed Inside a House That is Haunted last month from Scholastic for $1.00. If you haven’t read it, it’s a great and super fun read aloud. It’s the same illustrator as Fly Guy which instantly scores it points with firsties! It has a really similar feel to the There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed series because it’s very repetitive! My kiddos loved it! 

You can’t go wrong with sticker stories!! 
We also used candy pumpkins to build structures. They were a little hard to use because they would crack, but they had lots of fun and it built perseverance, hahah! That seems to be a theme lately, hahaha…whoops! We also tried TWO failed science experiments, but I’ll spare you the pictures, hahaha! 
So a few weeks ago, I posted about one of our favorite read alouds, Creepy Carrots! I really, really wanted to make a book companion pack, but I never had before and I was nervous! I gathered up all the courage I could find and found Aaron Reynold’s email on his website! I emailed him thinking I would NEVER hear from him! Well a few days later, he replied! He has a fan for LIFE! My kids were FLIPPING when they found out I got to TALK to him!! Long story short, he encouraged me to make a companion pack and I’ve been working hard on it ever since! I wanted to make something that teachers could use for a few days…it’s such a fantastic book and there are so many lessons you can teach from it! It’s so engaging that they are thrilled to return to it over and over! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for a freebie! 🙂 
I created tons of printables for after the book! They cover tons of different comprehension skills! 

I also made several craftivities for after writing, or to make a fun bulletin board! 

Finally, I included 2 directed drawings because they are my absolute favorite!! 
Of course, one of the most important parts of any read-aloud is the questions we ask before, during, and after the book. I created some question cards to use during my interactive read-aloud, but also to have partners talk about the book. 

You can grab those for free by clicking the picture! 
You can grab the rest of this unit by clicking the picture below! 🙂 

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