Meaningful Morning Work

Hi friends! I wanted to share a simple idea I have been using this year in the hopes it might help some of you! 🙂 Earlier this year, our school really cut back on our copy counts. I knew that morning was was one place I could really think about replacing. I also realized that there was such a need for my kiddos to do FUN activities. And CHAT with their friends. I am ALL FOR using every minute of our day intentionally, but I believe that there is a need to let kids be kids. I know that the first 10 minutes of our day are full of transitions, turning papers in, announcements, and having them at their tables is important for me. 
Some teachers let their kiddos come in and immediately go to centers, but I need them at their tables to feel comfortable. 🙂 It’s easier for me to take attendance, ask for parent notes, etc. 🙂 
SOOO…I started doing fun little morning work stations! My kiddos LOVE them, and I love that the first part of their day is just fun. They get to spend time with their friends, play, and be 6 and 7 year olds! It’s super easy to build learning in and change out the task, but the activities and materials remain the same. 🙂 They get a new station each day…I just rotate them around the room. This probably wouldn’t work if you had desks that were pulled apart…you would need tables or desks in groups. 🙂

Here are the activities we use each morning. I just keep little sticky notes on the board to remind me which table needs which materials or activities. 

This is the only activity that involves them being out of their seats. We have a schedule and I remind the table to shop for their books. When they are finished, they take their book boxes back to their tables and read their new books.

It’s so easy to add review stations to our morning routine. I just put them in buckets. I choose stations that don’t have recording sheets so I don’t need to make any copies. 🙂

There are so many different ways to do morning work. I know that many teachers and kiddos love having a paper activity to complete each morning and I am SO not knocking that! One of my favorite “paper” morning work packs is from Jessica Tobin! I also love Miss Decarbo’s See, Think, Wonder packs! Morning Work is so important and sets the tone for the entire day! What do you do for morning work?? 

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